Every person, institution or public body collecting or processing personal data is required by the Data Protection and Privacy Act to register with the Personal Data Protection Office. The following are the steps to undertake to be registered:

  1. Read the Registration Classification and Guidance Notes for Application before completing Form 2 and Form 3.

  2. Send an e-mail to with the applicant’s name requesting for an invoice for purposes of making a payment to be registered in the Data Protection Register. Effect payment against the invoice. It is imperative to state the company name whilst effecting this payment for ease of verification.

    NITA-U being a Government agency, the fees should be paid to Bank of Uganda as indicated in the invoice. This should be done at any financial institution using the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) mode of payment.

  3. Fill out and sign Form 2 - Application for Registration and Form 3 - Undertaking Not to Process or Store Personal Data Outside Uganda.

  4. Upload the aforementioned forms and proof of payment document in the indicated fields below.

If you are an individual or sole trader, give your surname and first name(s). A partnership must include the name of the firm and the names of each of the partners. In the case of a corporation, the name of the corporation must be given
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Please upload Receipt of Payment. (3MB Max)
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